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Expanded Slam

by GX Jupitter-Larsen

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This album was originally released as a 10 inch on the label Hrönir in 2010. The original liner-notes were about the permawave as an exclamation point: "The permawave as exclamation point. As a reverberation impacting the surface of another discharge, an explosion is both a rapid increase in volume and a complete lost of energy. A shock wave can belt out the burst of any blast. Explosions gush from dissolving bubbles of rapid impacts; unfinished discharges that suddenly combust. A rapid high current electrical arc can also rapidly vaporize and rupture, causing an increase in volume as the electricity evaporates.

The bursting of an ignition source is released in a torrent perpendicular to the surface of the blast, but the slam of a smack is smashed in a snap shaped to the surface of any splintering. Even if the eruption is thump or thwack, the outburst can be focused to produce a prolonged roar. This is known as an expanded slam.

The polywave makes every direction a projectile. In a collision, the change in momentum for each mass is in the direction of the vector between them at the instant of impact. Such a collision of frequencies will flash its energy all at once in a rapid liberation of sound that causes the noise to rupture and flare up. The ignition of wallop accomplished in simple thermochemical whack is the intermediate combustion of any wham. This kind of flimsy crumple shrinks any trickle down to a haggard drool. Since it not only inhabits the slender depths of combustion, but also the detonation of our intellect, such aftermath is a crash between outcome and consequence. Such emptiness is known as wreckage.

Knowledge is the wreckage of mystery. Information is not as educational, as much as it is the textural debris of the act of communication. The use of information is not the act of stating what things are, but the act of questioning what things do. Explosions can change everything. Potential is the perception of knowledge. Knowledge is the predictability of tendencies which reoccur most often. Facts get slung into causality a lot more often than non-facts. Which is not to say that non-facts won't actually happen on occasion. That's the hoopla.

Facts are frequently reoccurring tendencies which are used as reference points for the intellectual measuring of information. From there, one can extrapolate the relative probabilities as they develop over time with their infinite zenzizenzizenzic of shock waves. This explosion about things is why there is a transexpansion that qualifies the signification of potential as the perception of knowledge. There is, in fact, less chaos at the outer edge of an explosion than there is at the explosion's epicenter, and that's why people call it noise."


released July 7, 2010


all rights reserved



GX Jupitter-Larsen Los Angeles, California

GX Jupitter-Larsen is currently based in Los Angeles. Since 1979, he has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker. He also collects stamps, and is a devout psammologist.

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